What's All This About?


I was born in the UK in the early 1980s. I studied mathematics at university for 4 years before becoming a professional software developer. I am currently the Lead Consultant at ConsultJS.


I am a web developer. I like JavaScript and Sencha's ExtJS. My handle on the Sencha forums is skirtle. When needs must I also code in Java and I'm currently learning Ruby.

Once in a while I like to rattle off a few problems on Project Euler. You can see my current progress in the image on the left. Project Euler is a set of mathematical programming challenges. For example, problem 10: 'Calculate the sum of all the primes below two million'. I solved the early problems in JavaScript but I'm now using it as a way to practice coding in Ruby.


My main machine is a December 2009 Logiq M76T laptop. Intel Core 2 Duo, T6600, 2.20GHz, 4GB RAM. After an unfortunate incident involving the motherboard I had to run it on 2GB of RAM for a while, which drove me absolutely crazy. Buying a new 4GB stick was one of the best things I've ever bought. It's running 64-bit Ubuntu 13.10 (saucy). IntelliJ IDEA 12 is my IDE of choice. Google Chrome is my current browser of choice.


This site exists to give me a place to voice my thoughts on software development and to showcase things I find interesting. I hope other people will take an interest in what I have to say, otherwise I'll just have been wasting my time.


The site is served using Nginx. Most pages are written in XML and processed using XSLT to generate the HTML. The data used in the demos is served using a Node.js server running behind Nginx. CSS and JavaScript are used throughout but all pages should remain functional and readable where browser features are not available. It is unavoidable that code demos will not work if the features being demonstrated are disabled or unavailable in the browser.

I have tried to support IE6+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera.