I was born and live in the UK. I studied mathematics at university for 4 years before becoming a professional software developer. I am currently the Lead Consultant at ConsultJS.

I am a web developer. I like JavaScript and also know some Java and a bit of Ruby. I do not like TypeScript.

I currently use Vue.js and like it a lot.

My Stack Overflow profile Stack Overflow

I occasionally answer questions on Stack Overflow, usually about Vue.js or Express.

If you want to combine mathematics with programming I highly recommend Project Euler. I find it a great way to practice using a new programming language.

I use JetBrains IDEs for development, usually WebStorm.

My main development computer runs on Ubuntu.

My default web browser is Google Chrome.

This Site

The site is served using nginx. For demos that require dynamic data there is a small Node.js server running behind nginx.

Some of the pages use the Silk icon set.

Other Sites

I am also the creator and maintainer of cors-errors.info. It is a website intended to help people having problems with CORS (cross-origin resource sharing).