UX - License

Unless otherwise stated, the ExtJS user extensions published through this site are subject to the following license. A list of user extensions can be found on the UX page though this license also applies to extensions that aren't listed.

This software is provided without any kind of warranty. Evaluating its applicability, suitability and legality for a particular purpose is the responsibility of those choosing to include it as part of their software. No guarantee is provided as to the future maintenance or availability of this software.

The code provided includes a header containing the copyright information, version number and the URL of the license for the software. This header must be included on all copies of the code including modified or minified versions. If the code is modified then an extra note should be added to the header making clear that the code is not as originally distributed. Minification or concatenation with other files are not considered to be modifications for this purpose but the requirement to include the header remains.

You may use this code in your software, free of charge, either in its present form or with modifications. No charge may be made for the redistribution of this code either in its original form or with modifications though it may be used in commercial applications which are not themselves provided free of charge. Inclusion of this software does not require you to release the source code of your application.

Alternative licensing arrangements can be made upon request. If national or regional laws supersede any of the terms of this license then the remainder of the license still applies and you should request an alternative license.